Hello and Welcome to my new blog


Time to makeover your mind?

Today we think nothing of making over our homes, our cars, our clothes and even our hair, bodies and faces. All those TV shows telling us how to improve just about anything – and how popular they have become. We all recognise that things benefit from updating – as circumstances change, keeping up to date, in fashion, fit and healthy. This is all great but is often only changing things externally. What if you could do the same thing internally – change outdated and unwanted attitudes and behaviour in a positive way?

For the last few years I have been helping people to overcome issues that have been blighting their lives. I wanted to find a way of sharing some of the useful information I have learned, and sharing the odd post on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest didn’t really allow me to do that very successfully. The use of quick quotes or a quick image never seemed good enough although sometimes they were helpful for provoking a new way of looking at things. I’m hoping that more in-depth blogging may be more useful/helpful/thought provoking for someone out there – only time will tell!

I will be blogging useful tips for helping with a variety of common issues such as #anxiety, #depression and building #self-esteem. I know there is already a lot of stuff out there – blogs, websites, Facebook pages and self-help books. I know as I’ve read or follow most of them. Whenever I do I always feel that I can add something else – another perspective, another idea, another insight. So this is my attempt at adding something different to what is already out there.

So often we limit what we can do or achieve – why not undertake a #mindmakeover – a makeover for your mind – and help yourself to a healthier way of thinking, feeling and behaving?